Farm/Home Competition Rules

Agricultural, Homemaking & Needlecraft Information

Please read all rules before completing entry form.


1. Entries open to all. Please mail entry form early. All entry forms should be received by Saturday, 9/30/23. No tags will be mailed after Monday, 10/2/23.  Entries will be accepted Saturday, Oct. 7th from 1 pm – 4 pm and Sunday, Oct. 8th from 6 am – 8 am. 

2. Awards (see below) will be awarded only to exhibits which are worthy. If there is but one exhibitor in any class, only one prize may be awarded – first, second, or third at the discretion of the judges.

3. Each exhibitor may enter in as many classes as he/she wishes, but will be limited to one entry per class, per category, per family. All articles entered are under the control and subject to the order of fair officials and may not be removed or withdrawn without their permission.

4. Entries must have been prepared by the exhibitor. Alleged or suspected violations of this rule will be subjected to investigation and. if confirmed, the exhibits will be disqualified. Proven fraudulent, whether through deliberate misrepresentation, through shifting of entry or award cards or in other ways, will be penalized by disqualifying of all exhibits made by the guilty party and forfeiture of all ribbons. Decisions in such cases shall rest with the Judges and Chairperson acting together.

5. Conditions of display are stated under the names of each section.

6. All items entered in any class must be clearly labeled, showing variety of food or description of item exhibited. Cards for this purpose will be furnished by the Fair Committee upon acknowledgement of entry.

7. Food must be visible through wrapping, no refrigerators allowed on premises. Whole cake, pie, loaf of bread or cookies must be on plates with clear wrapping. Needlecraft items must be presented without wrapping or with wrapping removed by judges. Names and initials cannot be visible.

boat on peconic river8. The Fair Officials will stage all exhibits except where specified to be staged by the exhibitor. These latter classes require the presence of the exhibitor to arrange her/his display. All exhibits must be in place at the fair grounds by 8am. Exhibits must remain in place until 5pm. Exhibitors wishing exhibits returned may claim them at the closing of the fair at 5pm. All prizes will be forfeited if not picked up at that time. All judges will be highly qualified in the field that they are judging.  


  • First Prize – $10 & Blue Ribbon
  • Second Prize – Red Ribbon 
  • Third Prize – White Ribbon 
  • Honorable Mention – Yellow Ribbon 

These awards will be given in 300 competition classes. Download all forms here.