Vendor Categories

Categories and Specifications:

1. VENDOR BOOTHS: Include artists & craftspeople; antiques & collectibles; manufactured goods and/or retail/commercial goods. 

2. FOOD CONCESSIONS: NOTE: Suffolk County Board of Health approval is  needed for food/beverage or alcohol vendors. Space for vehicles is extremely limited. There are very few spaces available for ice cream trucks. Applications for food booths MUST be received by August 20, 2024. Food vendors must be approved by the Suffolk County Health Department. Applicants are expected to purchase ample electric supply for each individual booth. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS may apply for reduced rate booths. Include NYS Tax Exempt Number and copy of certificate with application.

  • Manufactured goods will be limited. NO FLEA MARKET ITEMS
  • Applications will be reviewed by the committee. The committee’s decision if final.

  Now you can complete the Vendor Application on-line!

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Now you can complete the Vendor Application on-line!

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